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Gone Crazy... Be back shortly.

Screwed up in Australia.

15 September 1976

Cos playing Remus Lupin, with Dixiebell12 as Fenrir, in Alabama.

I love cos playing Remus. He is so much fun to play. I go to all the Harry Potter conventions in the US and am seriously addicted to them.

I'm divorced with two young men.... Nothing truly exciting. Have finished my second SS/HG fic entitled. 'Descending into Obscurity'.

I live in Cringila, which is approx. 1 1/2 hrs south of Sydney, Australia. I have tattoos and piercing, but am a really down to earth person. I say it how I see it!

Shit, I hate these things because it makes you realise how truly boring your life is!!!!

Love Sonia :)


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