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I shall be starting my epic journey home in a little over 5 hrs time. Am not looking forward to it. If you guys could say a little prayer for me that I make it, that would be fab.

I shall miss all of my friends. I shall be back next year.

I will be disabling comments on this post cause I don't have time to answer them and when I get back home I shall be flat out once more. Dix and I are going to go shooting one final time, and then ride the ATV's through the woods.

Thanks for making this year fantastic guys. You all rock.

Loves to everyone on my flist and to the people I meet this year, Sonia :)
Remus in makeup


Well Delta, it their divine wisdom, has decided to move my flights on Wednesday 11th of May up by 30 mins. This means that I will have a total of 35 mins from the time we land in LAX to get off the plane, move to the international terminal, and get on my plane to Sydney. Don't know if I can make it.

So, this is a call out to my flist. If anyone lives near LAX and is willing to put me up for the night, and probably that day as well, (just in case) could you please IM me with your phone number. Not sure whether I will need this, but it is good to be prepared.

In other news Dixie makes a wicked Butter Beer. We enjoyed one last night. I made the topping (the creamy white stuff) and it was awesome.

Early this morning at approx. 2am, Dix comes running into my room with her gun in hand and said that someone was stealing one of the ATV's. We had been watching scary movies until about 1am so I jump out of bed and go investigate with her. I immediately pick up a broom, as it was the closest thing and I have seen enough horror movies to tell you that I don't want to be unarmed, and we go onto her dark assed property. Needless to say there was no one there, but Dixie said she scared them off when she turned on the outside porch light.

I sat with Dixie upstairs, stilling my heart for a bit while she went back to listening to Stephen Kings 'It' on her computer.

We are really just chilling out here before my epic journey home, which I am not looking forward to. I shall be on the plane for around 22 hrs (not including layovers) and on 3 separate planes.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)
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Am in Alabama!

Dix and Jen came and picked me up from the airport. I am rat shit as I haven't slept in 2 days. Can't sleep on the damn plane.

All is well and I am here in one piece.

Love to the flist.
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Am in airport.

Am sitting at my gate. I fly first into LA, then Memphis, then Alabama.

Watch out Dix and Jen, here I come.

Love to the flist, Sonia :)
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Roof progress!

The work has commenced on the roof with the roofers (all 6 of them) arriving at 7am this morning. I would recommend these guys to anyone as they are so accommodating. Hopefully by tonight I shall have a new roof.

Love Sonia :)
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Ask DE sbrande!

As that nasty day approaches, I encourage each and everyone of you to come to me for advise on your love lives.

Please be aware that I shall be brutality honest with you, and take absolutely no responsibility for mass suicide and broken relationships.

Ask away!
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Cyclone level 5!

Well the cyclone is meant to hit tonight at my little sister's place in Northern Qld. She has some visitors coming over that live on the beach as their are meant to be tsunami's as well. She is due to have her baby in 2 weeks.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for her.

Love Sonia :)
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Happy Birthday Hudson!

Well, it's my little man's 9th birthday today (technically tomorrow as he was born in CA, USA) and we are going down to the beach and then we shall be having KFC for dinner. Hopefully the rains will hold off long enough for the boys to have a swim.

Love you my little man, Mum.