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Am here with Jen at Dixie's.

We are here, safe and sound. Haven't slept in 2 days, we are off to bed.

Love Sonia :)

Birthday wishes!

Happiest of Birthday wishes go out to bluestocking79 Hope you have a fantastic day my love.

Loves you, Sonia :)

Happiest of Birthday wishes...

I'd like to wish geminiscorp and ptyx the happiest of birthday's today.

Loves you both, HUGS, Sonia :)

Happiest of Birthday wishes!

Hope you have a great day today, msavi.

Loves you, Sonia :)

Happy Birthday lechatnomade!

Hope you have a terrific day babe.

Love Sonia :)

Vid made by Dixie!

Here is a video of Aeternitas. My best friend Dix, posted it. It's funny and sad at the same time. Go check it out.


Love Sonia :)

Con day 3.

Go check out Dix's post http://dixiebell12.livejournal.com/145194.html?view=2876714#t2876714 to see what we got up to on day 3 of the con.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

Am home!

Am exhausted. Good flights though. Tried to sleep but that is virtually impossible.

Miss Dix and family like crazy though.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

p.s. It may take me a couple of days to catch up.


I shall be starting my epic journey home in a little over 5 hrs time. Am not looking forward to it. If you guys could say a little prayer for me that I make it, that would be fab.

I shall miss all of my friends. I shall be back next year.

I will be disabling comments on this post cause I don't have time to answer them and when I get back home I shall be flat out once more. Dix and I are going to go shooting one final time, and then ride the ATV's through the woods.

Thanks for making this year fantastic guys. You all rock.

Loves to everyone on my flist and to the people I meet this year, Sonia :)


Whether your a newbie or an old hack, this is not to be missed.


Happiest 11th Birthday Kaleb!

Just wanting to wish you, Kaleb, a very HAPPY 11th Birthday my love. Mum shall see you real soon babe.

Loves you, Mum xxoo


Well Delta, it their divine wisdom, has decided to move my flights on Wednesday 11th of May up by 30 mins. This means that I will have a total of 35 mins from the time we land in LAX to get off the plane, move to the international terminal, and get on my plane to Sydney. Don't know if I can make it.

So, this is a call out to my flist. If anyone lives near LAX and is willing to put me up for the night, and probably that day as well, (just in case) could you please IM me with your phone number. Not sure whether I will need this, but it is good to be prepared.

In other news Dixie makes a wicked Butter Beer. We enjoyed one last night. I made the topping (the creamy white stuff) and it was awesome.

Early this morning at approx. 2am, Dix comes running into my room with her gun in hand and said that someone was stealing one of the ATV's. We had been watching scary movies until about 1am so I jump out of bed and go investigate with her. I immediately pick up a broom, as it was the closest thing and I have seen enough horror movies to tell you that I don't want to be unarmed, and we go onto her dark assed property. Needless to say there was no one there, but Dixie said she scared them off when she turned on the outside porch light.

I sat with Dixie upstairs, stilling my heart for a bit while she went back to listening to Stephen Kings 'It' on her computer.

We are really just chilling out here before my epic journey home, which I am not looking forward to. I shall be on the plane for around 22 hrs (not including layovers) and on 3 separate planes.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

Am in Alabama!

Dix and Jen came and picked me up from the airport. I am rat shit as I haven't slept in 2 days. Can't sleep on the damn plane.

All is well and I am here in one piece.

Love to the flist.

Am in airport.

Am sitting at my gate. I fly first into LA, then Memphis, then Alabama.

Watch out Dix and Jen, here I come.

Love to the flist, Sonia :)

Roof progress!

The work has commenced on the roof with the roofers (all 6 of them) arriving at 7am this morning. I would recommend these guys to anyone as they are so accommodating. Hopefully by tonight I shall have a new roof.

Love Sonia :)

Ask DE sbrande!

As that nasty day approaches, I encourage each and everyone of you to come to me for advise on your love lives.

Please be aware that I shall be brutality honest with you, and take absolutely no responsibility for mass suicide and broken relationships.

Ask away!

Cyclone level 5!

Well the cyclone is meant to hit tonight at my little sister's place in Northern Qld. She has some visitors coming over that live on the beach as their are meant to be tsunami's as well. She is due to have her baby in 2 weeks.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for her.

Love Sonia :)

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Well, it's my little man's 9th birthday today (technically tomorrow as he was born in CA, USA) and we are going down to the beach and then we shall be having KFC for dinner. Hopefully the rains will hold off long enough for the boys to have a swim.

Love you my little man, Mum.

Ask away...

As my life slowly swirls away like the water in the toilet bowl, we come to our next post of ask Death Eater sbrande for her blunt, but honest, advise.

Please see my last post for any disclaimers et cetc... http://sbrande.livejournal.com/242277.html

Ask away, I am waiting for your questions.

Shit a brick!

Just got off the phone to the insurance co. It seems I have a leak in my wardrobe and all of my clothes, HP collectables, books and everything I store there is ruined. FUCK.

No love to the rains.

Sonia :)

Fellow Death Eaters.

As we bring this year to a close I wanted  to start the New Year by bringing my insightful advise to anyone who needs it.

If you have a problem, just ask Death Eater sbrande and your problem shall become a thing of the past.

If you would rather remain anonymous, just leave an anonymous post and I shall make your problems disappear. Please be patient while waiting for your response, as a genius of my level needs time to think up the correct response to your individual needs.

Expect brutal honesty, after all what do you expect from a DE?

Yours sincerely, DE sbrande.

p.s. If you have a particularly hard problem, I may have to resort to asking my fellow DE's.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for mass suicides,  murder, or disfigurement.

I am pooped!

Just finished a HUGE weekend of dance. Yesterday my boys had 2 performances and we were at the theatre for 10 hrs! Watched today's performance, it was long going for 4 hrs and 10 mins. KMN. But the highlight was watching my boys dance and Hudson getting the Junior Ballet trophy, GO HUDSON! He really does love ballet.

Have to do it all again with the boys having dress rehearsals for their Ballet school on Wednesday, and then 2 performances on Thursday. I wonder, sometimes, what my life would be like without children??? A whole hell of a lot less demanding let me tell you. But at least they both do really well at school so they need no help from me.

Love to everyone, I am exhausted, Sonia :)

The time is near...

Stay Tuned for more real soon.

Am sick.

I think I have a virus as I am throwing up. Boys stayed home from school today as I couldn't drag myself out of bed to take them. Feel like shit. Wish this rain would go away.

Am in QLD

Just got here. We are in the room. It is really nice. Booked kids in for kids club tonight.

We are heading to Wet N Wild tomorrow and Seaworld the day after that.

All is well.

Love Sonia :)

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to alabastard, who shares his birthday with my older sister, Heidi. Love you babe.

Am in QLD

Just got here. We are in the room. It is really nice. Booked kids in for kids club tonight.

We are heading to Wet N Wild tomorrow and Seaworld the day after that.

All is well.

Love Sonia :)

Happiest of Birthday wishes duniazade!

May your day be filled with laughter and merriment.

Loves ya babe, Sonia :)

Pugs are here.

Well here they are. She ended up having 5, 2 boys and 3 girls.

Mumma and pups are all doing real well. I'll let you know in a couple of days how they are doing.

Please excuse the blood, but they tend to bleed from their umbilical cords.

Love Sonia :)

Am whelping pug pups.

Have been since 3am. I am tired. She has had 1 boy and 3 girls so far. Pics to follow.

Love Sonia :)

Am flying home today...

Yippeeeeee. It has been a nice, but exhausting, holiday. It rained non stop for the past two days and nights. The sun is out now, probably because I am leaving (hee hee).

Sorry I haven't been online for the last week, but I have been too busy going to theme parks et cetc, and running around with the boys who have had a blast.

Wish me luck with my flight.

Love Sonia :)

Made it!

Made it up to Queensland after the airport crap. Was delayed almost 1 hr, but we are here now.

Happiest of Birthday's to thextra_cookie for today, and also ladywhitehart for tomorrow. Love you both!

Well I'd better be off to find everyone.

Love Sonia :)

Leaving soon.

The boys and I shall be leaving for Sydney soon to spend the night at my dad's place as we leave in the morning for the Gold Coast.

Am not sure if I will get much 'me' time up there as there will be plenty of theme parks (God help me) and the boys dancing to keep me busy.

Just wanted to let you all know that if you don't hear from me in a week and a half, I am probably dead somewhere.

Am disabling comments to this post. Just thought you should know.

Loves you all. Sonia :)

Hudson's Ballet results!

Well it seems Hudson did very well. He got a distinction for his grade 2 Ballet exams! He was the only one taking the exams to do so. Well done my boy, all of your hard work and perseverance (not to mention the 9 classes a week) has paid off. Mum is so proud of you.

Loves you heaps, and you too Kaleb, Mum :)

Bloody winds!

We had gale force winds today. My power was out from 6:30am - 6:05pm. I couldn't do a thing today. The winds were scary, and they tore apart my granny flat. Called the insurance people, they shall send out an assessor some time this week. Meanwhile, I have part of my granny flat wall sitting in my back yard. Bloody hell.

Hell, the roof is being held up with two bits of timber and it is tied down with rope in case it flies away. It won't go far.

All of my dogs are safe, thank God, and all I want is for the day to be over. The boys are fine too, if a little bored as they couldn't watch tv or go online today.

Loves and hugs to the flist, Sonia :) 


Have none at home. Am at a friends place atm, using her internet. Don't know when the power will be back up. It has been out for over 2 hrs now. It is blowing a gale outside, my fense fell down, Remus got out. So I was chasing Remus around and hammering the fence back up.

Happy Fathers Day!

Love Sonia :)

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Ah to be 16 again... I wouldn't want it, but unfortunately you have it so I am wishing you the best Birthday EVER, even though I am not there to corrupt you ;)

Hopefully I shall see you next year.

All the best babe.

Love Sonia and the boys :)

Roof is done

Now if I could only get the other contractors out here then maybe my house will look more like a home.

My roofCollapse )
Isn't it pretty. It is black, to match my mood atm. I shall be starting my course in Business Administration tomorrow. God help anyone who wants to hire me as a receptionist. This is part of my requirement. I'd much prefer to take a writing course, but of course they wouldn't allow that. Damn them all. GOVERNMENT.

Love Sonia :)

Go check out Dix's post

To see what we have planned for 2011!


I am mega excited about going to Boston on a ghost hunting trip. Anyone is welcome to join us as this will be straight after the con.

We are planning to set up the video camera as we sleep and see if we get any ghostly activity. That is, if we do sleep. (There Dix, it's changed for your perverted mind) Loves ya, Sonia :)

Computers and RL.

Hudson went for his ballet exam on Monday. He thinks he did well but we will have to wait until the results get back from London.

Am busy here, but what else is new.

To everyone out there that knows about computers, I was thinking of getting my son, Kaleb, a laptop. He is a gamer and my 3 y.o. lap top is too slow. The question is would this one be okay.

2.53GHZ processor
1GB Dedicated Graphics.

No idea and the salespeople are no help. It is a little pricey, but well within my budget. Or do you think I should get him a PC? The problem with a PC is the fact that it would be in his room and this way, with the laptop, he can move it around and have it in the loungeroom where I can monitor his actions.


Love Sonia :)


Hudson's Ballet Troupe took out 1st place with an 85% (she was giving out between 80% and 83%) all day.

She said that it was nice to see a little man in the troupe.

There were 3 other competitors.

Go Hudson, Go!!!

I am so proud of my little Ballet boy as he continues to amaze me.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

Happy Birthday eeyore9990!

Hope you have a terrific birthday today.

Loves you, Sonia :)

Front gate.

Here are the pics of my front gate complete with the sign that Dix and I made.

If the fact that my front gate is 6 foot doesn't deter, then the sign most definitely will :)

Loves you all, Sonia :)

I am sick.

I have the flu, so if you want to know what we got up to in the condo check out dixiebell12 's post. You won't be disappointed.

Loves to those on my flist that need it, Sonia :)


We are all back in Alabama. It was an eventful drive home as I was up front trying to keep dixiebell12 awake so she didn't crash the truck. But we finally made it back, though it was a close thing.

Infinitus was amazing, though it felt really rushed and too packed full of teenagers for my liking. The highlight of the whole con was the Wizarding Chess match which dixiebell12 and I were asked to perform in as Death Eaters.

tatiana422 and serade_black asked Dix and I to be a part of this awesome experience, and although we had to stand in the hot, Florida sun from 12-1pm, I wouldn't change it for the world. As an added bonus Dix and I were guarding Voldemort and I had McNair and Fenrir standing in front and beside me. I thought that it was really well executed and my hat goes off to the production crew/participants.

Wizarding Chess picturesCollapse )

More updates to come soon, but that's it for now as I am truly exhausted and smelly and need a shower.

Sorry if I didn't get a chance to say hello to you at this con, but things were really hectic and despite the lack of sleep I got to see too little of most of my friends.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)


See what I have been up to at Dixie's place in Alabama.

Loves you all, Sonia :)


Happy Birthday bluestocking79!

Here's hoping that you have the best day ever.

Lots of love, Sonia :)

Happy Birthday msavi!

Hope you have a great day today with many more to come.

Loves ya babe, Sonia :)
Just found out the co. we booked through to go to Queensland in Sept. went bust and we have lost our $800 for accommodation.

Am soooo pissed off.

Happy Birthday kingpig!

Hey babe, haven't heard from you for a while, but that's not saying that you aren't in my thoughts.

Hope you have a terrific day today and are spoilt rotten.

Loves you, Sonia :)

Cause I'm a sheep!

Your rainbow is intensely shaded brown, green, and red.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

So accurate it's scary!

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

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