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Hey guys, a lot has changed in my life recently most notable is both of my boys starting University. Kaleb is doing a double degree in Maths and Computer Science while Hudson is doing Nuclear Physics. I know, it's as far away from dancing as you can get.

Planning on a trip back home to the US in January, it's been forever.

Just wanted to ask if you could all go to this link and press the ^ key underneath the Safe Shelter Shoalhaven. You can do it once an hour (for those that are keen) right up to May the 1st at 5pm. We are behind atm, getting beaten by a soccer club of all things.

Thanks everyone and I hope you have a truly amazing Easter. Love Sonia :)
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Well it seems like forever since I have posted here, but trust me when I say that I have been reading your posts. 2018 was a huge year with both my boys doing their final high school exams (Hudson at age 16). Both boys did  extremely well and have gotten multiple offers into University in the career feild that they want and with scholarships too. Kaleb will be doing a double degree in Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Computer Science whilst Hudson will be doing a Bachelor of Science (Nuclear Science and Technology).

I have begun my fostering journey and had an extra member of the family this Christmas. He will be staying with us through the New Year which is great.

Hudson has decided to give dance a break, I doubt he will be returning to ballet, and will just continue with Ballroom next year.

Love to you all my friends, wishing you nothing but a safe, happy and most of all healthy New Year.
Remus in makeup

Am home!

Am exhausted. Good flights though. Tried to sleep but that is virtually impossible.

Miss Dix and family like crazy though.

Loves to the flist, Sonia :)

p.s. It may take me a couple of days to catch up.